Welcome: Veriditas Botanicals

Welcome: Veriditas Botanicals

by: Gretchen Schempp, Body Care Buyer

If you have been in the wellness section lately you may have noticed some changes in the aromatherapy aisle.  We have decided to discontinue our organic line of essential oils, Simplers, and replace them with another organic line, Veriditas Botanicals.


A little history

Melissa Farris founded Veriditas Botanicals in 1995 and Simplers Botanicals a year later.  Her companies were the first to introduce pure organic essential oils to the US market.  Melissa is a certified herbalist and aromatherapist.  She sold Simplers in 2002 and moved back to her hometown, Minneapolis.  Upon her return she established Veriditas Botanicals as one of the Midwest’s leading providers of pharmaceutical-grade, organic essential oils.

Veriditas is the combination of the two Latin words for green and truth.  Veriditas describes nature’s divine healing power from plants to humans.

Annually, Melissa visits small independent distilleries and farms, where organic and biodynamic farming processes are used to grow the herbs you will experience in Veriditas oils.  She has developed bonds with these growers and is proud to share the sources of her products.  She imports the organic essential oils directly from the distilleries worldwide.  Many essential oils on the market are traded through distributors and pass through many hands before they reach a retail outlet.


Therapeutic grade and organic what’s the difference?

Essential oils are distilled from plants, and they have powerful healing properties, but only 2% of essential oils sold in the US are true therapeutic grade.  Therapeutic grade essential oils must only be distilled in stainless steel cooking chambers at the lowest possible pressure and temperature.  High temperatures, high pressure or contact with chemically reactive metals such as copper or aluminum can destroy delicate compounds.

Essential oils can be extracted from plants by a variety of methods, including solvent extraction, carbon dioxide extraction and steam distillation.  Steam distillation is the most common, though the equipment and processing conditions are relevant in insuring a therapeutic grade oil.

Organically grown plants and herbs make for the safest and most therapeutic essential oils.  Because many pesticides are oil soluble they can mix into the essential oils during distillation.

Timing of the harvest is another important factor in therapeutic-grade essential oils.  If harvested at the wrong time during the season, or even the wrong time of the day, a substandard oil can be produced.


What to look for from Veriditas

To introduce Veriditas in our store we decided to start with their Wellness Formulas and 12 of the best selling essential oils.
Developed by Veriditas founder, herbalist and aromatherapist, the Wellness Formulas are blends of their 100% Certified Organic Essential Oils.  Look for the following formulas:
Acne Treatment
Athlete’s Foot
Canker Sores
Cellulite Reduction
Cold Sore Treatment
Men’s and Women’s Deodorants
Earache Treatment
Gingivitis Treatment
HPV Treatment
Immunity Boost
Menstrual Cramp Relief
Mental Clarity
Rose Regenerative Facial Oil
Scar Prevention and Treatment
Shingles Treatment
Sinus Congestion
Sleep Aid
Stretch Mark
Prevention and Treatment
Varicose Vein Tonic
Wart Treatment
Yeast Infections

Look for more Veriditas Botanicals products in the near future.  Also watch for an educational interview with Melissa Farris, Veriditas founder and aromatherapist, on the Co-op’s website.
Room or Body Spray
4 oz empty spray bottle
100 drops of essential oil
(single or mixed oils)
1 Tablespoon Everclear or Vodka
Shake to emulsify.
Top with water.