We Heard it Here

Comment: Bring back Blue Ox coffee! It was a beloved flavor.

Response:  Thank you for the vote for Peace Coffee’s Blue Ox. The Co-op has featured Blue Ox on the coffee bar since opening the new store location in 2008.  Unfortunate for Blue Ox, the Co-op recently had the opportunity to expand our relationship with local coffee roaster Kickapoo Coffee of Viroqua, WI.

This partnership includes some awesome brewing equipment and a commitment to growing this local roasting business through a rotational featuring of their roasted coffees on our coffee bar.  This will also include a blend made just for the Water Street Café called the Water Street Blend. Look for this new blend to come soon and let us know what you think.  Blue Ox can still be found in our Bulk department for purchase as whole beans.


Comment: I believe you guys should offer a veteran’s discount.

Response:  Thank you so much for this comment.  We offer many different types of discounts to various groups of members and non-members alike, but this has not been asked of us until now.  We will definitely keep this comment in mind as we budget for discounts in the future and think of the veterans in our community.


Comment: I know there are handicapped buttons to push to help patrons out of the store, but there aren’t any to get in.  Wouldn’t it be nice if we all had the ease of entering this beautiful space even if we were on crutches or in a wheelchair?

Response: Yes.  Our current door system that was installed in 2007/2008 did not include an outside button to open our entry door to the store.  This is something that we are looking at changing to be more accessible to all.  We believe the best solution will be changing our doors completely to a double sliding door system with automatic sensors.  Stay tuned.


Comment: On this Labor Day, I want to take the time to praise and thank the Co-op front line staff.  They bend over backward to help high maintenance people like myself carrying, packing, answering questions. Thank you, thank you! The best part of the Co-op!

Response:  Thank you for recognizing our most prized resource…our staff.  Working on a holiday can be very hard for our staff, but it makes us smile when our customers recognize this, especially on a day that co-ops historically helped make happen…Labor Day.  All of holiday hours are based on customer traffic and customer needs.  Currently, the holidays that we are closed each year are: New Year’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.  On some major holidays our hours are shortened to 4pm.