Water Street Café Green Plate Program

Water Street Café Green Plate Program

By Mattias Kriemelmeyer, Café Manager; David Lester, General Manager

One of the ways the Co-op can accomplish End 5 is to implement better practices about packaging. This September we are kicking off a new program that I think our customers and members will be excited about and value. We are calling it the Green Plate Program.

The Green Plate Program was developed by our staff to reduce our amount of waste as a business and have less of an impact on our environment. The Green Plate Program is a grass roots effort to lessen our carbon footprint and create less land-fill waste by giving the customer an option to choose a food take out container that is reusable.

Purchasing food from the Water St. Cafe to take out is a service we’ve offered our customers for years. Currently, we purchase “to-go” containers that are made from recycled paperboard and are endorsed by the Green Restaurant Association. We will still continue to carry these containers as an option, however, we felt the need to offer another way for customers to feel even better about purchasing Café food and packaging. This program is just a start and with your participation will help benefit our community and world as a whole. By cutting our packaging costs there is an immediate effect that you, as a consumer, can benefit from as well. We factor packaging into our prices. If we can cut a cost somewhere, then we pass that savings on to you, the consumer.

All you do is pay the initial one-time cost for the container itself. You can feel great about doing something positive for the environment while enjoying the benefit of saving money otherwise spent on disposable to-go containers. This is truly a win-win situation. The containers we use are dishwasher safe and BPA free.

This is how the Green Plate Program works:

You buy a container at retail price.

(retail on this item is very low, just enough to cover cost and shipping)

We wash the container for you, and you can use it to package your buffet meal.

Next time, bring back your used container to us and swap it for a clean one. Fill it with food and every time you use it, know you are saving money and resources on to-go packaging! It’s that simple!