Turkey Time

Turkey Time

by: Kristin Evenrud, Meat Buyer

This time of the year is so beautiful: the leaves fall from the trees, the air is crisp as we gather around the table with those we love.  In the Meat Dept. autumn means it’s time for turkey, from turkey roasting in the oven to the left-over turkey sandwiches.

This year Oneota Co-op will have both the fresh turkeys and frozen, the sign up to reserve your turkey will be available at the Customer Service Desk. Two regional producers will supply us with turkeys this year–Larry Schultz Organic Farm (Owatonna MN) and Ferndale Market (Cannon Falls MN).

Larry Schultz Organic farm is a small family farm where Larry and Cindy have always operated organically and certified their land and poultry in 1998.  The Oneota Co-op has carried Larry Schultz Organic Farms turkey and chicken for many years so we know from experience the turkeys have thick breasts with deep delicious flavor.

Ferndale Market turkey is raised by John Peterson and his family.  The farm was started 70 years ago by John’s grandparents, Fern and Dale Peterson. Their turkeys are free range during the warm months and all of their turkey is naturally processed, so there are no artificial ingredients or additives–just delicious turkey.  Ferndale Market is strongly committed to the sustainability movement, and sells their product locally to reconnect consumers with high-quality, local agriculture.  (I ate Ferndale turkey last year with my loved ones from Minnesota and it was delicious!)

The Oneota Co-op is committed to bringing you the best turkey, either free-range & antibiotic-free or certified organic.  SIGN UP EARLY to reserve your bird, so you can be assured your Thanksgiving meal will be tasty and wholesome this year.  Look for ads in the newspaper and mentions in the Comm Post* for more great holiday meats to come.

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