Traveling Light

Traveling Light

by Karina Klug, nutritional supplements buyer

The whole point of a vacation is to get away, let go of worries and relax. We come back to our lives refreshed and renewed.  When things go wrong during an anticipated time of rest, it can take away from the calm we had expected.   A little preparation in our packing for our trip can alleviate some of the issues that can go along with travel: stomach upsets from new foods, germs picked up en route, sunburns and simply stress from delays.  Then there’s the dilemma of what is allowed on the airplane.

Here’s a list to offer more rest and rejuvenation and to avoid the common pitfalls of travel.

Digestion aid:
American Health Chewable Papaya enzyme: These chewable tablets are simple after-meal enzymes, chew them to help with digestion.
Source Naturals or KAL Activated Charcoal: A commonly used first aid for food poisoning, flatulence, flu symptoms or stomach imbalance.

For the frequent flyer:
Clean Well Hand Sanitizer: Great for all travel, from your backyard to across the ocean.  This handy spray even comes in a 1 oz size for airplane travel.
FES Fearless: This is a flower essence spray to promote composure from anxiety.
King Bio’s Nausea & Motion Sickness: homeopathic and fast relief of nausea, vomiting, dizziness, weakness, loss of balance, aversion to food, headaches.
Aura Cacia or Veriditas: Lavender essential oil. Oh the many uses of lavender. Many people bring this along on an airplane to help protect from germs and calm anxiety.  Tim Blakley, who works for Aura Cacia, always has lavender on hand to spritz in his hotel room when travelling.

Just add water:
Omega-3 Effervescent Packets: In case you are worried about packing fish oil pills in your suitcase, try this powder form delivery system for Omega-3s.  These creamy orange single packets provide Omega-3’s in a tasty orange drink – just add to water.
Emergenc: On the go, this is an easy way to get Vitamin C to boost immune system for close quarters while traveling.
Peter Gillhams: Natural Calm single packets for people deficient in magnesium. Natural Calm provides this mineral in an easy to-go packet.
Be Well Tea Travel Tins: A cup of Be Well Tea to cozy up and relax wherever you are.
Amazing Grass: Single packets of Barley Grass for green energy for adults and kids.  Also single packets of Amazing Meal, this is a way to enhance a continental breakfast at hotels and start your day off with nutrients.  May be added to water, milk or yogurt.

Source Naturals Wellness Fizz-a natural fizzing tablet full of herbs, minerals and vitamins shown in some studies to support immune health.
Zenergize: Hydrate, Immunity, the hydrate is a great way to get electrolytes

Topical and Tropical:

Dr. Bronners 2 oz – natural soap and beyond:  In a pinch Dr. B’s can be used for hand, face and body soap as well as toothpaste.  It’s a perfect multipurpose product for campers and travelers to remote regions.

Veritditas essential oil blends: Immune Boost and Good Samaritan when on a plane to help shield against all the germs flying around.

Badger Balms: great for travel and the large size is plane-friendly.  I love the Sleep Balm, rub on your temples, feet and neck for sweet dreams, while away from home.

Sunscreen: Badger 15 and 30 SPF mineral-based sunscreens and All Terrain Weathershield 1.0 oz small enough throw in your carry-on.

Evan Healy Kit: Amazing facial care, we’ve got Rose, Lavender or Blemish.  This will provide elegant facial care that will make you feel pampered while on the road.

If you are traveling this summer, near or far, I hope this list gets your creative packing juices flowing.  Travel light, be safe and enjoy!