Sweat Equity— 15 staff members: 261 years of Co-op Service

Sweat Equity— 15 staff members: 261 years of Co-op Service

It goes without saying that it took many pairs of hands to build the Oneota Community Food Co-op that we see today at 312 West Water Street in Decorah. From volunteers to dedicated shoppers, through these doors have walked many a devoted supporter of the Co-op’s mission, values and efforts. To every person who has given of their time and talents for the betterment of the Co-op and the community of Northeast Iowa, we wish you thanks for your generosity.

Over 180 people have been employed by the Co-op in one way, shape or form over its 40-year history. Of these 180 staff members, 15 – some past and some current – have dedicated over 10 years of their professional life to the efforts of the Oneota Co-op. Combined, these 15 individuals equate to 261 years of employment and service to the Oneota Co-op. We will be thanking these individuals specifically at our Annual Meeting of Co-op Membership on the evening of Thursday, April 10th.

Thank you to each and every member, volunteer, shopper, supporter, and staff member that has believed in this organization, its mission, and its survival for the betterment of Decorah and Northeast Iowa.

Staff Members with 10 years or more of employment at the Oneota Community Food Co-op include:

Beth Rotto – 31 years

Steve McCargar – 27 years

Sue Otte – 22 years

Liz Rog – 22 years

Laura Olson – 20 years

Frances Kittleson – 20 years

Jana Klosterboer – 20 years

Betsy Peirce – 20 years

Ruth Hampton – 14 years

Hannah McCargar – 12 years

Cathy Baldner – 12 years

Elyse Hawthorn – 11 years

Lana Oyloe – 10 years

Heidi Betz – 10 years

Karina Klug – 10 years