Success by the Numbers

Success By The Numbers

by David Lester, General Manager

For this edition of The Scoop I believe writing less will equal more.  Enjoy.


We have one of the strictest definitions of local: 100 mile radius.

We upgraded our POS system to accurately track local sales.

$735,306 (21%) of our total sales were locally produced products.

We donated over $5,000 to various organizations in our area.  Our Taste of the Holidays event raised over $3,000 worth of local and organic products donated to the food pantries in our area.

Customers and Members

We gained 280 new members in 2010.

59 Luther College students became a College Cooperator member.

Total current membership: 3,531

Our customer count grew by 5.6%


Reduced staff turnover.

Staff received a 4% raise in September

This year’s staff survey indicated that OCC’s staff are generally happy with their workplace and scored higher than other coops in the U.S. on 10 out of 13 questions.


We had total annual sales of $3,537,865 showing 10.41% growth over 2009.

First positive net income in the new store amounted to $51,047!

Environmental Sustainability

Purchased a new floor machine that has reduced our floor chemical purchases to almost $0/year.

Purchased a new high-efficient HVAC system and invested in web-based controls to monitor and efficiently recapture heat from our compressors.

We look forward to building on these successes into the new year.  Thanks to all of our members, customers, board and staff for a successful 2010!  A more in-depth Annual Report will be made available to our members soon.