Produce Picks

Produce Picks

by: Betsy Peirce, Produce Manager

This year at the Co-op, we’ll be partnering with a few other co-ops in Minnesota to bring in a truckload of FRESH as can be, SWEET as all get out, blueberries and peaches (in that order). These fruits are conventionally grown, tree ripened, picked and shipped straight from Michigan to us!

Each order will come with canning and freezing tips. If you have not heard about this opportunity yet or made a pre-order for the blueberries, that’s okay! We ordered many extra flats for anyone to purchase and will be selling them by the pint as well. The peach pre- order sign–up sheet is at the customer service desk, or you may call in your order.

The crates of peaches will weigh 25 lbs. and cost around $40. From all accounts these peaches are sweet and dripping with juice–the best ever! To boot, they’re tree-ripened which is rare to find in a peach shipped from afar (really only a ten hour drive.) There’s no limit on number of peach crates ordered, but we only get one big shipment. Limited supply.

Meanwhile, the blueberries have already been ordered so the extra crates will be sold on a first-come, first-serve basis. Limited supply.

I think everyone looks forward to SWEET CORN season. I have noticed the Florida sweet corn walking quickly out the door as people satisfy early cravings. Luckily, local sweet corn season will be soon upon us. We are fortunate to have some wonderful local growers who deliver unsprayed sweet corn many times per week to bring us the freshest, snappiest, sweetest corn around.

Local new potatoes are here! There is nothing better than a summer meal of buttered new potatoes and succulent buttered sweet corn. (Did I mention the need for lots of butter? Pastureland organic is my favorite.)

Merle Steines is our long time potato grower for the Co-op and now his daughter Rebecca has joined the family venture. Coming from their Certified Organic Top of the Hollow Farm, we have Red Gold potatoes which are a red version of Yukon Gold – red exterior and gold interior. They’re a medium size potato that has a unique texture and flavor. Excellent steamed, boiled, baked fried, mashed, roasted or scalloped. One of my favorite potatoes. We also have Yukon Gold and many other heirloom varieties– some with purple flesh, some with pink! Come on in and try a variety you’ve never tasted.