Pizza on The Barbie

Pizza on The Barbie

by: Troy Bond

Once I discovered how to make a grilled pizza, it quickly became the real reason I own a grill.

I’m a sucker for wood fired pizza ovens, like the magnificent specimen at McCaffrey’s Dolce Vita. They burn red and white oak to push the temperature to 800 degrees, giving their pizza crust crispy edges, tender center dough, and a slightly smoky flavor.

It’s surprising how well a backyard grill—gas or charcoal—can replicate the flavors and textures of wood fired oven. A grill can achieve high heat necessary to bake the crust better than your home oven, even if you have a pizza stone.

Grilling a pizza is now one big step easier using our Waving Grains Dough-to-Go because you’ll be able to cut down on the prep time of making pizza dough. The additional benefit to grilled pizza is it broadens your use of the grill–so it’s not just for grass fed steaks anymore!  Grilling pizza is also an option for vegetarians at your next barbecue who aren’t into soy-based hot dogs or Gardenburgers.

I learned how to avoid some basic pizza-grilling mistakes by reading The Barbecue Bible by Steven Raichlen.  He recommends setting up the grill with a hot section and a cooler section. The hotter part will sear the dough while the cool section keeps it warm while the toppings are applied, says Raichlen. You can do this with some gas grills that have temperature settings for different  sides.

Raichlen also suggests stretching the dough in oil instead of rolling it on a floured board. The oil crisps the crust while stretching activates the glutens and helps the pizza hold its shape on the grill.

His last piece of advice is to build your pizza in reverse: First, brush on some olive oil (if needed), second, add the cheese, and third, add the toppings and tomatoes. This lets the cheese melt evenly without direct heat.

Make sure your grill is oiled and have a pair of tongs and a metal spatula ready. Play with rotating the pizza for even cooking and to make sure it’s not sticking. Depending on the heat of your grill, the cooking time is as short as two to four minutes.