Pass The Salt & Pepper

Pass The Salt & Pepper

by: Troy Bond, General Manager

The old standbys on every American dining table are the salt and pepper shakers.

But there’s a surprising change going on these days to these two institutions of flavor enhancement.

Not only are more people using a pepper mill to grind peppercorns for the freshest taste, they’re experimenting with different kinds of peppercorns that run a spectrum of flavor profiles: smoky, warm, pungent, slightly spicy, hot spicy and even citrusy.

And to balance the many flavors of pepper there’s a whole world of different salts now available beyond Kosher—there’s Hawaiian, hand-harvested, Celtic, Fleur de Sel—packed with all kinds of flavors in an array of naturally occurring colors (grey, pink, black) and with unique textures (fine and powdery, flaky, chunky or even tiny pyramids.)

Meant specifically as a garnish, specialty salts are making a grand entrance in American cuisine, and for good reason. They’re an inexpensive way to dress up simple meals with different textures and tastes. Hidden flavors of foods jump out with specialty salt, and you can use salt with different shapes to bring new dimensions of texture in meals to old recipes than standard salt granules.

On May 28 from 5:30-7 pm, Lana Oyloe, our Bulk Buyer and salt aficionado, will offer a class so you can taste different salts and peppers and decide how you’ll use them in your meals. Lana is so dedicated to what the new flavors of specialty salts and peppers add to dishes that she even sneaks them into restaurants and sprinkles them over her meals.

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