On the Grocery Front

On the Grocery Front

by: Niki Mosier, Grocery Buyer

There is a lot of time and thought put into our quest to find healthy, delicious and well priced products. We are always excited to offer more variety and new options. Recently we’ve had some additions which you can find scattered around the grocery aisles.

In the packaged grocery section, you can find some new additions to the LARA BAR family – including Peanut Butter and Jelly along with German Chocolate Cake.  LARA BARS are gluten-free, vegan, certified kosher, and crafted with fair trade and raw ingredients. Packed with protein to keep you going all day, these bars are a great thing to throw in your child’s backpack or lunch box, or keep some handy at work.

Not necessarily something new to the grocery department, but something you may have overlooked, are our Asian and Mexican sections. Both sections have everything you need to make a delicious ethnic meal for your family or friends. We have what you need to make a meal from scratch, or more conveniently, boxed noodle and rice entrees. My favorites from the Asian section are the San-J cooking sauces. The “Sweet and Tangy” is fantastic on chicken, rice or Udon noodles.

I have been enjoying my search for new freezer section products.  There are  two items I’m particularly excited about. The new frozen pizzas from One Sun Farm and Bakery in Lafarge, Wisconsin come to us from a family run farm and bakery that has been using organic farming practices for the last eight years. All of the vegetables on their pizzas are grown on their farm or other small local farms. The generous 12-inch crust is handmade in their bakery with certified ingredients and pre-baked in the wood-fired oven. Sauce, cheese and spices are all certified organic. Within the next month we will be carrying all three varieties – Veggie Revolution: spinach, garlic, and red onion on wheat or white crust, The Augusto: sweet peppers and red onion on a wheat crust, and Just Cheese on white crust. We’ll also have Just Pizza Crust, two wheat pre-baked crusts ready for all your pizza dreams!

Also new to the freezer are Udi’s Gluten-Free breads, pizza crusts, cinnamon rolls and  blueberry muffins. The bread is incredible, and you would never guess that it is gluten-free.  The cinnamon rolls and blueberry muffins are a perfect breakfast or snack. They are all hand-crafted in Denver, Colorado by a third generation Italian baker.

Last, but certainly not least is the dairy cooler. I am proclaiming January Yogurt Month! Keep your eye out for the weekly Comm Post e-mail, where I will feature a yogurt from the dairy cooler. Three new yogurt flavors this month are from Westby Creamery. Look for the six ounce yogurts in strawberry, raspberry or vanilla. Also not to be missed from Organic Valley are the thirty-two ounce pourable yogurts. Available in Lowfat Vanilla, Lowfat Berry or Lowfat Plain. These are great for smoothies, drinking or pouring over granola or cereal.

I would like to remind you that there are product request forms available at the customer service desk, as well as special order slips. If there is something you would like to order that we do not carry or if you would like to order in bulk don’t be afraid to ask.