Not the Crunch I expected

Not the Crunch I expected

By: Ruth Jenkins, Asst. Mktg. Manager
I have been a member of the Oneota Community Food Cooperative for almost 16years. It was one of the first things I did when I moved back to Decorah in 1999. I had been shopping at various food cooperatives in the Twin Cities for several years prior and wanted to purchase high-quality whole foods after my move back to Decorah.

At first, I did not feel as though I “belonged” at the Co-op because I assumed I had to be“ crunchy granola” and part of “the crowd.” How humbling it has been for me to learn that my feelings were not accurate. Quite the opposite is true and is evident when you take time to shop at the Co-op. The Co-op truly is a store for everyone, and we as staff and fellow member/owners strive to make each shopper feel welcome.

The Oneota Community Food Co-op offers the potential for a healthier life through better eating of fresh, flavorful ingredients. Often these ingredients are more flavorful because of local producers who take pride in their work and their sustainable practices and also deliver them only a few miles from the store.

Our Co-op, your Co-op, is a concept to behold and a unique aspect of Decorah and NE Iowa. Inside the doors you will find all the makings of a grocery store with the integrity of a cooperative organization that has not only remained profitable but has strengthened the community around it for over 40 years.

Take a moment to step inside and see what speaks to you. We hope you enjoy what your member/owner and shopping dollars bring to the Co-op and Decorah.