New(and Old) Methods for Board-Member Communications

New(and Old) Methods for Board-Member Communications

by: Steve Peterson, President, Oneota Community Co-op Board of Directors

The Oneota Community Co-op Board of Directors will experiment with using our Co-op e-mail list, our own Board-board (in the foyer of the Co-op), and links on the website to communicate better with members. In addition to these new ways of informing members, we will be enclosing our standard Board column in The Scoop.

In the past, the Board has found that The Scoop is not a very good vehicle for communicating quickly with members. There is a lag time between writing and publication. A new Scoop is printed once every other month, which is not soon enough for urgent communications. Moreover, the publication deadlines are weeks in advance which further delays informing members about time-sensitive issues. As a result, it can take a long time for the board to inform the membership about important, topical issues such as finances and board initiatives.

Since finances have been a big concern recently, the board has sent out information about them via the e-mail list, and this report has been posted recently on the Board-board in the Co-op foyer. You can also view a file on the Co-op website.

If you would like to sign up for the Co-op e-mail listserv so you can see what is happening at the Co-op, including Board related information, please e-mail and he will make sure you get added to the list of recipients.

You can download board related items from the Co-op website by clicking on the OCC Board page and looking for the Board Reports section.