New, Notable, and Always Deli(cious)

New, Notable, and Always Deli(cious)

by: Troy Bond, General Manager

Wheat Use in the Kitchen

There was a time when the Deli Kitchen was across the street in the same space as the Waving Grains Bakery. In those days, wheat flour was everywhere in the kitchen and it was impossible to promise anyone with a specific allergy that any Deli recipe was gluten-free.

While the present location of the Deli Kitchen is not self-contained and shares a ventilation system with the rest of the co-op where wheat flour is dispensed from bulk bins, it’s important to note that we rarely use wheat flour in our recipes. But on the occasion that we do use flour, we’ll let you know. We strive to list the ingredients of everything we make—from soups to hot bar items—so you can make a smart choice about what’s best for you and your health.

As we expand our Deli menu and with the introduction of our sheetcake program, in particular, there will be limited times when wheat flour will be used in the kitchen.  We cannot, however, make health claims, so whether the limited use of wheat in the kitchen will affect you depends entirely on your gluten sensitivity.