More Aid on the Road

More Aid on the Road

by: Karina Klug, Wellness Buyer

When Gretchen and I first decided to collaborate on a piece for the Scoop highlighting our summer first aid favorites, I was excited to start my list.  It was easy to think of natural products that I have used and liked during the summer.  However, I found immediately that my picks went a bit out of the First Aid realm.  I believe these products still fit, as they are about summer comfort.

Canoeing and camping are my top choices for where I like to find myself on lazy summer days.  I tend to be known for my tendency to over pack for outings, knowing that I’ll be far from a store makes me a bit extravagant.  Two bottles of ketchup, four packs of hot dogs amidst loads of other food and drink  for two nights of camping; my cargo has been called excessive on more than one occasion.  The preparation for floating down the river or a night under the stars means covering a lot of details.  Also, doing these activities with a four year old makes me extra conscious of not leaving anything that we might need behind.  In addition to food and thirst quenchers, I also like to be sure that I have sunscreen, bug spray and such.

So, here is my short-list of what I appreciate having when the sun turns up the heat.

I love to have Clean Well Hand Sanitizer along any place where there’s no access to a sink.  This is a natural, thyme-based sanitizer which has been shown to kill 99.9% of germs.  A great addition to your picnic basket, boat, tent or hiking backpack.  This is a great product for kids as well; it is easy to spray on and the small size won’t weigh you down.

Another light and easy-to-carry item that is smart to have along when away from home, or at home for that matter is Activated Charcoal.  Charcoal comes in capsules or powder form and its uses cover a wide range.  I have personally used charcoal for bee stings and bug bites (topically).  Charcoal is known for drawing out toxins.  Making a charcoal poultice is simple; cheesecloth, charcoal in powder form, water and cornstarch (although flax seed and clay are also suggested).  Mix charcoal into a paste.  Put on the cloth, apply to the skin and cover with plastic wrap, (to keep the charcoal from drying out.)  Some people will use charcoal for stomach upset from food poisoning (did that mayonnaise potato salad sit out in the sun too long?), or other cases of nausea and vomiting.  Additionally, charcoal has been used to purify drinking water as research shows it absorbs chlorine and other chemicals.

A product that rivals charcoal in its durability and array of uses would be grapefurit seed extract (GSE).  This is the ultimate camping product.  It’s small and compact and can be used as a facial cleanser, a vegetable/fruit wash, a toothbrush cleaner and throat gargle to name a few.

NutriBiotic makes another great product that travels well – essential electrolytes.  Essential Electrolytes are designed to replace electrolytes that may be lost from sweating.  Another hydration product to take into consideration is Hydrate by Zenergize.  These tasty little wafers can be added to your water bottle and enjoyed throughout your day in the hot sun.

Other items for summer ease would be digestive enzymes.  Digestive enzymes are taken before a meal.  They consist of enzymes that our bodies need to help break down foods, such as milk sugars and proteins.  People find that taking enzymes helps them have less discomfort and thus more ability to enjoy summer activities.

Along the lines of supplements that one may take to prepare for outdoor bliss is Glucosamine Chondroiton MSM. A combination that some use for joint mobility and fluidity and a possible way to prevent achy joints.

Now that we have Veriditas products and I have discovered their Women’s and Men’s deodorants I will definitely be packing this handy little bottle for trips to the woods.  Easy to apply, long-lasting and natural as can be, these deodorants are great for traveling and summer exploration.

A note to the ladies, if you have ever gone camping while menstruating you might want to consider the diva cup for future expeditions.  The diva cup is for any diva that wants an environmentally friendly and handy way to stay active all month long.  The cup can be easily rinsed out, cleaned and reused again and again.  I have known women who have been proud owners of their moon cups for ten years!

In the end, I also find it’s wise to have Arnica along in some form or another.  Often I’ll have internal arnica pellets as well as topical arnica gel.  Arnica is homeopathic and it’s been revered for its soothing  effect on muscle aches, stiffness and bruising.

So, besides first aid, I wanted to cover some of the easiest to transport and absolutely wonderful products that are great for making the most of each beautiful summer day.

Our hope for you is to have a summer filled with more fun, laughter, friends and family and fewer bumps, bruises, scratches and burns.  If, however, you should run into a glitch we hope that some of these products can aid you to a quick and healthy recovery.