Luther Students Promote Sustainability

Luther Students Promote Sustainability

By Heidi Hunt, Luther College Student and Oneota Co-op Member-Owner

Luther college students have taken a new initiative to promote campus sustainability. It began last year, with a trip to the PowerShift 2007 conference in Washington D.C. At this conference, students learned about global warming and what campuses around the country are doing to spread the message of sustainability.

After returning from this trip, I started to wonder what Luther could do to further educate students about global warming and the actions they can take to fight it. I collaborated with sustain­ability director Caleb Mattison (also a Co-op employee), and other Luther students to create a workshop about sustainability for incoming students.

The “Live Green” workshop, held during orientation, attracted 60 first year students. The workshop educated students about how to reduce their waste and greenhouse gas emissions from transportation and energy.

Since the workshop, the leaders have decided to form a new group at Luther that focuses on collaborating with groups across campus to create sustainability events. Students will be exposed to ideas about buying local, alternative energy, reducing waste, and other elements of sustainability.

A couple of events are in the works. One event is a “Waste Day.” The even will educate students about the impact of their waste on the environment and provide them with opportunities to recycle unwanted clothing and other items. Also, the group is planning a day to encourage students to come down­town and buy local for their holiday gift shopping.

Ultimately, the group’s hope is that through partnering with groups across campus, whether they are environmen­tally focused or not, the message of sustainability will spread.