Letter From The GM April/May 2009

Letter From The GM April/May 2009

by: troy bond

Juliet: “That which we call a rose. By any other name would smell as sweet.” Wm. Shakespeare

While Juliet doesn’t care what a rose is called, we’re giving our co-op name a lot of thought lately. Our name should identify who we are as well as our primary mission: to provide the community with reasonably priced, sustainable foods that promote well-being.

While we have no intention of changing our business name, nor will we ever drop the word community, we thought our logo could better communicate our mission.  So, recently, we added the word “food” to our logo because we want to avoid confusion with visitors and, besides, “food” better represents why we’re here. We’re the Oneota Community FOOD Co-op–not a financial co-op, not a farmer’s co-op: you won’t be able to get a car loan or buy fertilizer here. We sell fresh, wholesome food and that’s how people need to think of us first.


And here’s another new name to celebrate the Oneota Community Food Co-op’s first year in its new, expanded location at 312 Water. We’re throwing a party that we’ve called “OOYA!”

All are welcome to join us on Saturday, April 4 from 11 to 2 for our “Oneota One Year Anniversary” or OOYA! (sounds better if you say it like Al Pacino.) We’ll have free Kickapoo coffee, free slices of sheetcake by Nate and abundant food samples throughout the store. In fact, we’re also calling it “Super Sample Saturday” because it’s a Saturday…and we’ll have lots of tasty Samples…and we figure that’s Super.

While we’re at it, we’re finally inaugurating the dining room inside the co-op where people eat with a name. Up to now we’ve referred to it ingloriously as “the deli seating area”, which has as much zing as “troubled asset relief program”.

So, the management team decided on a name for the space where sunshine streams in on people congregating over a delicious panino or a warm Waving Grains cinnamon roll and a hot cup of joe: Windows on Water Street.

And now most Saturdays won’t just be called plain old Saturdays anymore:

• On Sat. April 18th, for instance, we’ve named it “Queso! Cheese! Fromage!” for a festive focus on the cheese that’s in our case: organic, regional, import and best of all handmade and artisan. See the details below.

• The first Saturday in May will be “Smooth(ie) Sailing into Summer”. On May 2, we’ll be firing up our blenders and sampling wholesome mixes of goodness and sweetness that come from fruit and other tasty ingredients.

• Finally, “Gluten Free Sample Day” on Sat. May 16th will explore the tasty alternative to a wheat based diet.  From main meals to desserts, you don’t have to be gluten intolerant to enjoy gluten-free foods.

So, tell your friends to meet you at Windows on Water Street at the Food Co-op to celebrate OOYA! Saturday. If they don’t know what that means, tell them you’ll see them where there’s the best eats in town.