Keep Your Cutting Boards in Great Shape

Keep Your Cutting Boards in Great Shape

Beth Rotto, Chill and Cheese Buyer

Wood loves oil, and I had neglected my cutting boards for too long. They were stained and some were a bit rough. Luckily, I found a great way to restore the finish on those cutting boards. And I’m going to share it with you because I’m so excited about it.

Fortunately, Jon was in the right mood and he got involved by giving my boards a sanding with fine grit sandpaper. Then I mixed up my new “wonderful recipe,” warmed it, and applied it with a soft cloth. Oh, my goodness, those old boards started to look amazing right away. Several hours later I rubbed off the excess. Beautiful! It was so satisfying. Since it had been a long time, I found myself wanting to apply a second coat, so I did, and that made the wood all the lovelier.

It’s a simple recipe and the ingredients you need are right here at the Co-op.

Mix 5 parts coconut oil to 1 part beeswax. (I used Dr. Bronner’s brand coconut oil in the jars sold by the other cooking oils. We sell small cakes of beeswax in our Wellness department by the bulk soaps). I measured the oil in a small pyrex measuring cup and added beewax which I grated up. Then I heated them together in the microwave (or oven) until they were liquid. This was applied sparingly to the wood (1 tsp.- 1 Tbsp. per item) I had to warm my oil a couple of times as it would start to thicken up rather quickly. It was so much fun I kept running around and finding more and more things to fix up. Finally I gave it up and let the oil soak in. Later I buffed them and admired them all over again.

This recipe is a great choice for cutting boards and wooden utensils as it is food safe, simple and smells great. I didn’t have to use gloves when applying because it felt nice to just rub it at the end. I’ve got the extra in a little jar awaiting more regular use.

Remember, wash your cutting boards with warm soapy water, but do not submerge in water. Rinse and dry right away or drain at an angle in the drainer so that the water drains away. Don’t wash wood in the dishwasher.

If you use a wooden cutting board for cutting raw meat, do not use this finish on it. I’ve heard it’s best to leave those boards untreated and keep that board exclusively for meat. To sanitize wood, wipe with a diluted solution of white vinegar and water.