Fruit Basket From the Produce Department- Perfect any time of Year

Fruit Basket From the Produce Department- Perfect any time of Year

by Betsy Peirce, Produce Manager

Oneota’s gift baskets may be one of Decorah’s best-kept secrets.  We pride ourselves in tasting every produce item that comes across our loading dock so we can choose what is at the absolute peak of flavor and sure to “wow” any recipient.  Thanksgiving and Christmas are only the beginning because a fruit basket is the perfect gift any time of the year.  With Valentine’s Day approaching, image how loved you would feel receiving an all-organic fruit basket from your sweetie.  Check out the specifics below.

Baskets can be customized specifically to your wishes, or you can simply give us a price point and we will make something up for you – minimum $25 per basket.

We have theme suggestions ranging from traditional baskets with fruits like apples, oranges, and bananas; to gourmet baskets studded with whole pineapples, mangoes, kiwis, and pomegranates. Virtually anything “in-season” and delicious is here to make the perfect basket. One popular favorite is a seasonal citrus basket—with a mix of Satsumas, Clementines, and blood oranges. A basket like this is a ray of sunshine during the bleak midwinter.

If you want to get creative on your own, you are welcome to shop the store for specific items for your sweetie. Perhaps a mug and a bag of coffee or tea, and some chocolate bars.  Or maybe a basket with some dry pasta, garlic bulbs, onions, a high quality sauce and fantastic bottle of red wine.  You can be as innovative as you like, and we’ll help you put it all together.

Hometown Taxi is available to deliver your basket for an added fee.  Or you can arrange to pick up your basket at the Customer Service Desk at the Co-op.

We request a minimum 24 hours advance notice for all basket orders.