by Nate Furler, Marketing Specialist

The business of fermenting veggies can take great care and precision, but the benefits are well worth the work.  Mike Bieser is the founder of Fizzeology, a business that is run out of a state certified commercial kitchen in his home.  The business began in September 2009. He had his first official members of Fizzeology’s Ferment of the Month club by November 2009.  His first retail outlet for his fine fermented creations was the Viroqua Food Co-op in Viroqua, Wisconsin.

Mike is originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  In 2004, seeking a quieter, healthier life in the beautiful driftless region of Wisconsin, Mike and his wife found 44 secluded acres at the top of the Baraboo watershed west of Kendall, WI.  When their son was born in 2006, the decision was made to relocate to Viroqua, WI for schools and socialization with a strong community of like-minded folks deeply interested in health and wellness.

Mike first got into the art of fermented veggies as a way to improve his immune system while fighting Lyme disease.  As he studied the known and at that time some unknown benefits of consuming raw cultured vegetables, he simultaneously observed the incredible supply and variety of organic product in the Driftless Region.  “This is a great opportunity for my own farm-based sustainable business,” Mike thought.

Through trial and error, he quickly discovered the precise amount of vegetables and salt necessary to create a fermented concoction that would stay neatly within the confines of each gallon-sized jar.  The temperature was also critical, as too warm a temperature would force the juice out the top of the jar. (68 degrees happened to be the magic number).

While undergoing treatment with a homeopathic practitioner of Field Control Therapy in River Falls, WI to cure his Lyme disease, Mike was also diagnosed with geopathic stress.  In order to continue his treatment of geopathic stress, Mike chose to install a Memon device on the incoming power supply to their house.  This device fundamentally eliminates the effects of electrical fields caused by everything from WIFI to cell phones and electricity.  What Mike discovered was that with the device being installed, his equipment no longer “stressed out” the water in the vegetables.  He discovered that the quality of the foods he was creating was higher and more delicious.  As well, he found that he was able to work longer hours in the kitchen without feeling fatigued.  The Memon device actually creates a negative ion field in the kitchen, helping to keep allergens out of the air as well as maintaining a great environment for making his culinary creations.

When I asked Mike what made his product superior to other cultured products on the market, he responded with the following:  “Our flavors are unique to the seasons and quality of the produce we source.  Our process, including the Memon Environmental transformers, makes us unlike any food processors in the country. Today, I will be walking down the valley to pick some watercress from my spring-fed pond to give extra light to the next batch for our Ferment of the Month club.  Live foods have more energy than cooked foods.  This energy gets communicated within the fermentation process as the water within the produce leaves the fiber and emulsifies.  This blending of produce, medicinal herbs and live foods makes for powerful nutrition.  Treat yourself and your cells to these exceptional flavors.”

We are excited to have Mike so close by because he also is happy to host seminars and discussions on his fermentation techniques, as well as information on potential harm caused by electromagnetic fields emitted by wireless devices such as cell phones.

Fizzeology’s products are not only available at the Oneota Co-op, but also at Viroqua Food Co-op in Viroqua, WI, People’s Food Co-op in LaCrosse, WI and Bluff Country Co-op in Winona, MN.  The Water Street Café at the Oneota Co-op is a proud member of the Ferment of the Month Club and offers these tasty creations as a part of our predominantly organic salad bar each day.  Other varieties of Fizzeology are also available in the Oneota Co-op dairy coolers.  For more information on Fizzeology, check out