Field Day: Another Great Value

Field Day: Another Great Value

by: Michelle Campe

The Oneota Co-op is pleased to introduce a new value line of products under the Field Day label. No other store in Northeast Iowa will have access to this line—it’s packaged specifically for co-ops and small independent natural food stores. We like the Field Day products because they’re:

• always natural, often organic

• no artificial colors or flavors

• preservative free

• no pesticides or herbicides

• comfortably priced

• wide selection of choices

• nutritious

• wholesome flavors

The Field Day products are being introduced over the next few months. Right now you’ll find a terrific range of organic canned beans–black beans, pinto beans, garbanzo beans, and more. Our salad dressings can do more than just dress up a salad—they’re great for a marinade or dip. You’ll find a great choice of natural and organic snacks and paper products (toilet tissue, facial tissue and paper towels) at prices you’ll love.

Look for over 100 new Field Day items as they become available.