Espresso Comes to the Co-op

Espresso Comes to the Co-op

by: Mattias Kriemelmeyer, Deli Manager

The Oneota Co-op recently finalized an agreement to purchase an espresso machine for the Oneota Deli. We are purchasing the machine from Carrie Duranceau, owner of Bookends and Beans. We are excited to offer a premium organic espresso drink menu for the enjoyment of the public and especially our members.

The addition of an espresso machine has been in the plans for the deli since we opened the new store.  We will still be serving the same brewed coffee with the addition of organic gourmet espresso drinks like Cappuccino, Mocha Lattes, Lattes, and Americanos. Currently we feature Peace and Kickapoo Coffees.  We will continue to support only organic fair-trade coffee companies.  We think our customers will enjoy and appreciate the expanded coffee selection in the relaxed atmosphere of the Co-op. I’d like to remind everyone that we offer free wireless internet in our “Windows on Water” seating area. So come and check out the new espresso menu while you enjoy a healthy delicious lunch at our deli. Thank you for supporting the Oneota Co-op.

New Panini Menu

Our Chef is always striving to offer new exciting menu concepts for our panino following. We have a variety of new sandwiches that will cater to all types of appetites.  Come check out these new sandwiches in the deli, including the:

• BBQ Chicken Panino
• Grilled Veggie Panino
• Fresh Caprese Panino
• Italian Lover Panino

Theme Based Lunch Buffet

Our theme-based lunch buffet has become the talk of the town. From Italian to Japanese, we offer a little taste of the world with exciting twists on ancient cultural foods from around the globe. If you like a little adventure when it comes to food, the Oneota Deli is the place to eat lunch. We strive to support our local  and organic producers and boast an 85% organic standard with all our deli food. Nowhere else can you find this delicious and quality food for such a rock bottom price.

Our Organic and Local Commitment

Here at the Oneota Deli we buy from our local community. This puts money right back into your pocket. It is a commitment we take very seriously. If we can’t find it locally, we find it from an organic trustworthy source. We keep an 85% organic standard in our deli which means everything we sell is at least 85% organic. Most of our food is very close to being 100% certified organic or local and organic but not certified.  If you have questions about a certain product we make with regard to its organic or local ingredients, feel free to ask our knowledgeable staff.

Quick Easy Dinners from the Oneota Deli

• Oven roasted Chickens – available at 3:00 pm daily. Call ahead to reserve one (recommended)
• 100% Organic Take ‘n’ Bake Pizzas – assorted toppings and starting at only $8.99 each.
• Check out our Grab ‘n’ Go cooler for soups, dips, sandwiches, and entrees at a great price.