D.I.Y Handsoap, G.I. Soother, & Super Savings

D.I.Y Handsoap, G.I. Soother, & Super Savings

by: Jana Klosterboer, Co-op Wellness Department manager

Foaming Soap

Foaming liquid hand soap has become a hit at our house.  It is easy to wash with, kids don’t pump so much soap into their hands, and it just plain feels nice.  The only problem is that foaming soap can be pricey.  Well, here’s what we discovered to get around that:

1. Invest in a bottle of foaming soap.  Enjoy it.  When the bottle is empty, don’t throw it away.  More refill soap can be easily made at a fraction of the cost.

2. Next time you come to the co-op, bring an empty bottle with you and fill it half full of bulk handsoap found in the body care aisle.  My favorite is Nutribiotic Unscented  at $3.99/pound.

3. When you get home, top the bottle off with filtered or distilled water.  Mix well.  Add some essential oil for scent if you would like.  I like lemon.  Lavender is very nice also.  Now you have a refill bottle of foaming hand soap for roughly $2/pound, maybe a bit more if you added essential oils.

4. Fill up your empty foaming soap bottle, add your own label to it if you want, and you’re good to go – at a fraction of the cost!

Peppermint tummy-soothing/breath-freshening drops

Peppermint has been used for centuries to freshen breath, to calm an upset stomach and to help expel trapped gas.  Modern studies have shown that peppermint can relax the muscles that line the digestive system if they are cramped and also help with getting those muscles to work in coordination with each other, therefore moving food through.  I use peppermint with great results when I feel my digestive system is bloated and crampy.  Here is one of my favorite homemade ways to take peppermint.  It is easy, inexpensive and I can just carry it in my purse.

1. Fill a 1 oz. dropper bottle with vegetable glycerine.  (Vegetable glycerine is a thick sweet tasting liquid, natural and safe for all ages)

2. Add 20 drops of peppermint essential oil and mix well.  Make sure to tightly close and label your bottle. (I just use a piece of masking tape)

3. Enjoy!  (Note: If you have acid reflux, use any peppermint-containing product with caution, as peppermint may relax the muscle that keeps the opening between the stomach and the esophagus closed.)

Free Shipping

Free shipping on nutritional supplement and body care mail orders over $50.00!

If you can’t make it to the co-op, we are happy to take your supplement or body care order, carefully pack it and ship it to you. If you use your credit card, we can usually ship it out on the same day. If you pay by check, we will ship the order out after we receive the check in the mail.

NOW Supplements

In response to several member requests and in our continuing search for good-quality, value-priced products, we are proud to bring NOW products to the shelves.  Look for the bright-orange NOW bottles along with our other tried and trusted brands of supplements and body care products.