CellFood: a Brief History

CellFood: a Brief History

by: Karina Klug

I personally find the history of the discovery of Cellfood inspirational.  It is about taking something that is negative and finding positive applications for it.  I have used Cellfood and always feel that I am energized on a deep level when I consume it.  Cellfood is FDA approved which adds value for many people.  A Cellfood training I participated in recently shared the history of the development of Cellfood and its tale of transformation.

In the 1940’s, Everett Storey — a scientist who was called “a genius” by Albert Einstein — was engaged in an exhaustive process of exploring the fundamental laws of matter.  He worked at creating a “water-splitting” technology a process that would cause oxygen and hydrogen to “split” from one another and, in so doing, be released from water.  As the world marched to war, the United States government asked Storey to contribute his technology as a critical component in the race to create a hydrogen bomb.

A humanitarian and lover of life, Ev Storey vowed after the war to never again have anything to do with destruction.  But Storey and his colleagues then discovered a more personal crisis: they were dying of radiation poisoning, a result of their exposure while witnessing bomb tests.  It was then that Storey developed the conceptual blueprint for Cellfood.  He theorized that the very same water-splitting technology could be used to heal a human life.  By utilizing hydrogen’s deuterium isotope, and a blend of required minerals, enzymes and amino acids, he would create a solution and an “electromagnetic equation” that could release vital oxygen and hydrogen into his bloodstream, remove toxins, nourish and rebuild his systems, and return him to health.  It worked and Cellfood was born.  Saved by his invention, Storey lived a long, healthy, productive life.

Over the next few decades, Cellfood’s reputation as a superior health formulation continued to grow.  Today, Cellfood has spread around the world, and is used and recommended by leading health practitioners and clinics in over 70 countries globally.