Book Review: “The Easy way to Stop Smoking”

Book Review: “The Easy way to Stop Smoking”

by: Gretchen Schempp, Wellness Buyer

With the new year we sometimes like to look inside and decide to clean up some of our past habits to better our health.  There is no better time to quit smoking than now. Check out this great book in the Wellness department.

Allen Carr, author of The Easy Way to Stop Smoking, was what he refers to as a “confirmed” smoker for 33 years.  After smoking up to 100 cigarettes a day, Allen quit for a 6 month period.  During this time of “torture,” he could only think about what he was being deprived of by not smoking.  That was until he found the “Easyway.”  This book helps us to look at the smoking trap in a different light.  No longer will you think about what you are “giving up” by  quitting smoking, but you will be looking at all you have to gain by “FREEING” yourself from the nicotine monster.

All smokers know that they are harming themselves. They don’t want to hear this, they KNOW this already.  Smokers don’t choose to become addicted to nicotine.  If you ask any smoker if they intended on smoking for 10, 15 or 20 years when they had that first experimental cigarette, they would surely tell you NO!.  The beauty of this book is that instead of telling you how horrible you are for becoming addicted to nicotine it focuses on the positive.  How you can free yourself right now, and that you can actually enjoy the process by focusing on how great you can feel from the moment you extinguish that last cigarette.  Freeing you  from all that you have been brainwashed to believe about smoking, such as, that you can’t quit, the withdrawal is unbearable, you will somehow be missing something.  You are not being deprived of anything, but the smoker is of health, energy, wealth, confidence, courage, self respect, happiness and freedom.

A key part of the book is that you continue to smoke while reading it.  You have heard of mindful eating, well, think mindful smoking.  Sounds crazy?  It’s exactly what you will end up doing and in turn you will wonder what the heck you are getting out of smoking anyway!  With a slightly hypnotic undertone, this book had me really examining why I was smoking anyway.  I actually couldn’t wait to finish the book, have that final cigarette and be FREE!

I have tried and failed at the smoking game, over and over again.  I have used the patch, I’ve gained the weight, I’ve tried my best to stay calm.  It always felt like I was giving up something so precious, therefore depriving myself of happiness.  When I read The Easy Way to Stop Smoking, I felt lifted, I felt like I could really do it and that I could enjoy the freedom from smoking right away.  I finally came to understand that I was giving nothing up, I only had greatness and health to gain.