Board Election News

Board Election News

by: Steve Peterson, Board Vice President

The Oneota Community Co-op seeks new board members. We will have three openings this year. The terms run for three years and begin at the end of April 2010. If you are interested in serving your community by being a Board member, please pick up a board member packet at the front desk at the Co-op or contact a Board member. See the attached table of events and deadlines for more information about the process.

Publicizing Candidate Statements

We will publicize candidate statements in four ways this year.

• On the Co-op website Board page.

• Behind the customer service desk at the Co-op.

• Mailed out with ballots in March.

• Available at the Candidate forum in February

In the past the Board sent candidate statements out in the Scoop. With the change in our election procedures (we are mailing ballots, and these mailed ballots will go out in early March), the Scoop deadlines do not work well for this task. As a result, we will not publish the statements in the Scoop. However, we feel that the stated four ways, if well-publicized, will be sufficient for interested members to be informed of the candidates’ qualifications.

Voting this Year

Voting will occur in a mail ballot (sent in early March) with candidate statements enclosed. The mail ballots will be designed to achieve secrecy and guarantee the accuracy of the results.

Only members in good standing are eligible to vote. A member in good standing must be paid up on the annual membership by the time the vote counting begins in late March. In a nutshell, a member is in good standing if he / she has paid up the full membership, or is current on his / her annual payments up to the full payment. If you are not sure about whether you are a member in good standing, talk to the Co-op staff. They’ll be happy to check on that for you.