Acidic or Alkaline – It’s All About the PH

Acidic or Alkaline – It’s All About the PH

by: Karina Klug, Nutritional Supplements Buyer

One of the many rewarding aspects of being on the Wellness floor is hearing what is on people’s minds regarding their health.  There are definite themes. I most frequently hear the words “thyroid” and “pH balance”.  We will touch very briefly on pH balance today.  Many people exclaim how they have not only recovered from a dire health condition but also feel a new vitality after getting their pH balanced.

With the holidays approaching, we begin to think of gathering with friends and family and eating lots of food.  Often during the holiday season we let ourselves stray from our regular dietary habits at least to some degree, if not completely!  The first thing to consider in maintaining a healthy pH is diet. The usual suggestion is to eat a diet that is 75% alkaline and 25% acidic to maintain a healthy pH.  However, many of the foods served during Thanksgiving are on the acidic side, such as cranberries, sugary desserts, bread products, ham, turkey and alcoholic beverages to name a few.

PH testing strips fly off our shelves as many people monitor their levels on a daily basis. It is most often recommended to test with the first urine upon rising.  When looking at the pH strip, seven is considered neutral and anything under seven is acidic and over seven alkaline.  A medical practitioner may be helpful in getting an accurate reading.   Once one tests themselves and determines whether their body is acidic or alkaline, they learn which foods to eat to level out their pH.

With holiday season feasting one might consider supplementation to help maintain balance.  The most frequent imbalance is an overly acidic body.  One product that has gotten a thumbs up is Source Naturals Alka-Balance.  This tablet contains some vitamins, minerals, as well as greens and herbs that have been shown in research to support an alkaline state.

A book that we now carry which offers easy accessibility to diet suggestions for both acidic and alkaline conditions is The Acid Alkaline Food Guide By Dr. Susan E. Brown and Larry Trivieri, Jr.

In addition, the old stand-by Popular Prescriptions for Nutritional Healing by Phyllis A. Balch includes a helpful food chart for pH balancing.

Alka-Balance will be on member sale at 30% off for the month of November along with the entire Source Natural line.

Have a healthy holiday.