A Call to Lead. A Chance to Give Back. Run!

By: Brita Nelson, Oneota Co-op Board Vice President

Are you a Member/Owner of the Oneota Co-op? Are you a member/owner “in good standing,” meaning you are up-to-date in your share payments or paid-in-full? If so, these are the two basic criteria that qualify you to apply for election to the Board of Directors of the Oneota Co-op.

Do you have a passion for local food, organic food, and local business? Are you seeking a way to volunteer and add value to the community that you call home – or your home-away-from-home? Do you wish you could build your knowledge about business and cooperatives, as well as building your resume for the future? Maybe you already have a job you love, but are looking for a way to give back with your time and talents? If so, then please don’t wait another moment to contact a Co-op board member for more information
on what it means to be a member of this guiding force of your local Co-op.

After almost two years of serving on the OCC Board of Directors, I am so glad I ran and was elected. This is such an exciting time for the Co-op and I am grateful to be part of this fantastic organization. Between increasing our reliance on renewable energy, expanding offerings and outreach to the community, growing our physical space and setting increased benchmarks for local food and products in the store, there is much from which to mbuild and celebrate.

The Oneota Co-op board is responsible for watching over the Co-op’s financial condition, monitoring the policies that govern our Co-op, evaluating the performance of our General Manager, responding to shareholders’ concerns and making decisions that can only be made by the board. The board is also charged with assuring that the purpose, mission and principles of the Co-op are part of every decision. It’s important to understand that the board does not make operational decisions – we delegate operational matters to the General Manager.

The Board has gained much guidance and wisdom from past boards by way of our Board Policies and Ends statements. These, in combination with the Cooperative Principles, set our course for governance. We hope you’ll consider joining us.

Application packets can be found at the Customer Service Desk at the Co-op. They can also be obtained by emailing oneotanelson@gmail.com, or downloaded from the Co-op website – http:// oneotacoop.com/about-us/board-ofdirectors/.

If you have specific questions about the process or want to know more about what Co-op board service entails, email me, Brita Nelson, at oneotanelson@gmail.com. I’d love to schedule a time to chat with you.

One more note: we have fun! Really, our board members get along very well, which helps us as we do the important work of the Co-op.