ORGANIC PRODUCE SALES: 1/11/17 – 1/17/17
Organic CA Kiwi SALE 3/$1.00 Reg. $.59/ea SAVE $.26/ea
Organic MX Red Yellow & Orange Sweet Bell Peppers SALE 3/$4.00 Reg. $1.99/ea SAVE $.66/ea
Organic MX Avocados SALE $.99/ea Reg. $1.29/ea SAVE $.30/ea
Organic CA Broccoli Crowns SALE $1.89/lb Reg. $1.10/lb SAVE $.79/lb
Organic CA Cilantro SALE $1.29/ea Reg. $1.99/ea SAVE $.70/ea
Organic WA Pink Lady Apples – 3lb bags SALE $5.99/ea Reg. $7.99/ea SAVE $2.00/ea

Local this week:
River Root Farm: Bulk Beets (Chiogga, Gold and Red)
Patchwork Green: Garlic, Red Norland Potatoes, White Potatoes, Cippolini Onions, Kohlrabi
Rolling Hills: Fresh Salad Mixes and Lettuce. Fresh Basil Pots and Basil Clams
Stateline Produce: Assorted Squash, All Blue Potatoes, Molli Potatoes, Green Cabbage
Iowa Food Hub: Beauregard and O’Henry Sweet Potatoes
Peake Orchards: Enterprise, Regent and Connell Red Apples
Countryside Orchards: Homemade Caramel