Renew Your Commitment to the Co-op – Run for the Board

Alicia Trout Photo_021814_BWIt feels like we were just ringing in spring two shakes of a lamb’s tail ago, but we find ourselves already beginning to shift into autumn energy. It’s been a fast-paced 2016 at the Oneota Community Food Co-op. Thank you all for shopping, conversing, dining, learning, dreaming, volunteering, working, voting, joining, playing, selling, coloring, and just plain hanging out at our beloved community store. We appreciate your presence and contributions.
As we continue to work as a Board to help shape the Co-op’s future, we look forward to feedback from member/owners. Each board meeting has time set aside for the Board to hear member/owner comments and we invite you to join us. We welcome your questions and conversation. Feel free to chat with a board member should you see us in the aisles of the Co-op.
Before I conclude, I want to ask, have you ever considered joining us on the Board? The Board Nominating Committee is enthusiastically beginning our search for member/owners excited to serve the Co-op as a board member this upcoming spring. Perhaps you know someone who might be interested in addition to yourself? Please let me know.
If you’d like more information, please contact me via email at Thanks so much for taking the time to read this and consider lending your voice to the OCC Board.
Wising you a wonderful autumn.
Alicia Trout, Oneota Community Co-op Board Vice President