Bulk Food

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Department Buyer: Nicole Brauer
E-mail: bulk@oneotacoop.com

Welcome to the largest Bulk Foods Department in Northeast Iowa. Many staple and specialty foods are available in bulk. Buying in bulk eliminates expensive and wasteful packaging, keeps prices low, and gives you the option of buying exactly the amount you need. Bulk items available include flours, oats, grains, mixes, pastas, beans, nuts, dried fruits, herbs, spices, sweeteners, oils, coffee, candy, dish soap, laundry soup, and more. The Bulk department also features local products like honey, maple syrup, grains and flours. You can bring in your own clean containers, like jars, plastic containers, and bags, or purchase new recyclable packaging that we have available at the Co-op. Not sure how to shop in the Bulk department? No worries! Our friendly staff is available to answer questions and help you learn how easy and cost effective shopping Bulk really is.

“Cooperation Among Cooperatives” is one of the seven guiding principles of cooperatives that we follow here at Oneota.  One way to cooperate is to address purchasing from other co-ops in our Merchandising Policy.  We offer many products in-store from other cooperative businesses.  Frontier Natural Products Co-op is one business that we purchase many products from – primarily in the Wellness and Bulk departments.  Frontier Natural Products Co-op is also local to Oneota.  Watch this video to see how Frontier explains its cooperative business.