Board Application – Run for the Board

The Board of Directors seeks interested member/owners to serve on the Board to help ensure a bright future for the Oneota Community Co-op. In April 2017, there will be two positions open for candidates to fill as Alicia Trout and Scott Hawthorn complete their terms. Full-term positions last three years.

Wondering if you have what it takes to be on the Board? Our Board is best served by having members with skills and personalities as diverse as the Co-op itself. Do you have passion for the Co-op’s mission or commitment to cooperative values? Are you a grower, or a producer, or a food buyer? Are you open-minded and/or community-minded? Do you like policy formation, critical thinking, financial oversight and neighbors? If being on the board is calling to you for any of the reasons above – or others, we want to know.

Application packets, available at the Customer Service Desk as well as at the links below, contain considerable information regarding application and service as a Board member. Any questions you might have regarding the upcoming election can be directed toward Alicia Trout, Board Vice President, as the chair of the Board Nominating Committee, or to any board member. Alicia’s contact info includes: and 563-419-7610.


Board Application

Board Application Packet Contents 2016-2017